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New game that I'm currently looking for voice actors for.

2014-06-20 12:26:00 by sonicx666666


It's been a while hasn't it?

Anyway, as the title suggests I'm looking for voice actors, for this game. It isn't being made in Flash, but instead it is being made in RPG Maker VX Ace. There will however also be a either an animatied or sprite flash series adaption eventually.

If you have read the title in the poster then some of you may already know what this is. It's a crossover of Sonic and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Now will this game will see the light of day, or will it be dumped like alot of other games I've tried to make?

Well I've already planned loads of sequels and spin-offs for this series so i'm not gonna just throw all that out the door. And I've also practised with this program a ton and know how to use it to a decent degree, and I've even found out how to put voice acting into the game.

Which is where you guy's come in. So far the only voice actor I have is myself since I'm voicing my fan character; Ashton Origans, and i'm already doing everything else: Writing the Story, World design, Level design, NPC Dialogue, etc, so I think I have my hands full as it is.

I Currently have over thirty playable charaters, but only thirteen of them are manditory, the rest are completely optional.

I also have a Extra/Free-Roam mode availiable from the beginning which allow's you to play at your leasure as any of the playable characters, Fight any of the currently availiable bosses and enimies, teleport to any of the availiable cities (As of this moment only the Crystal empire's castle is availiable), And look up info on each of the characters, enimies, bosses, and NPC's at the bestiary by talking to Cadence.

So I'm trying to find voice actor's for pretty much all the main character's and maybe some of the optional characters.

Here's a list of all the availiable characters:

Rainbow Dash,
Apple Bloom,
Sweetie Belle,
Princess Celestia,
Princess Luna,
Princess Cadence,
Shining Armor,
Mayor Mare,
and Golden Harvest.

If you would like to try out then PM me, then send me a clip of you voicing one of the characters via my Email: Ashtonorigans@gmail.com.

That's all for now. Thanks in advance! :)


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